Shepherd Lake

By Theresa de Valence – Posted on 31 December 2015

The talented Peter Rennebohm is back with a new tale featuring Charlie Nash and his dog in SHEPHERD LAKE ©2015. We first met Charlie, some years ago, in BLUE SPRINGS. Both books are written in the tradition of vintage adventure stories, full of suspense and derring-do.

Rennebohm writes with the joyous ordinariness of a Norman Rockwell painting, those tributes to 20th century American culture. One can easily imagine a couple of boys laying in the long grass, this book between them, devouring every word. But, like a Norman Rockwell, we see that our first impression is illusory—closer study reveals squalor just beneath the surface.

In SHEPHERD LAKE, Charlie has reached his mid-teens, but life events have left him troubled. He accumulates dangerous influences, some of his own making—he’s headstrong and reckless. Some are not—strange men appear in these supposedly uninhabited woods. Old, and possibly valuable, secrets are uncovered. Unbeknownst to Charlie, at least one man is vicious and depraved.

Will he know whom to trust? In time? We hope Charlie and his friends will survive this maelstrom, though it seems certain they cannot survive every obstacle. No doubt they will be changed. How great will the damage be?

You’ll just have to pull up a chair and find out. In case you’re a bit worried, Charlie’s dog, Taffy, is a golden retriever. And she has a part to play in this story. Need I say more?

Be Not Afraid

“BE NOT AFRAID is a real life story of courage, love, and faith. It’s a story that will make you cry and make you smile.” – U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad
“Ben Peyton’s struggle to heal from his tragic hockey injury is a touching testament to the power of faith, family and prayer. Ben’s story is remarkable.” – U.S. Senator Norm Coleman

“Ben’s courage may have only been outdone by the incredible outpouring of love from family, friends and the hockey community in Minnesota and beyond.” – Joe Schmit. Sports Director, KSTP-TV, St Paul, MN

“What a story. I could not put it down. I am so touched by Ben and his family and how they dealt with all of this. Thank you for writing this. I am going to tell my friends about this book. It is a must read.” – Lori Roth