Buried Lies



A novel
Published by North Star Press 2008
ISBN 978-0-87839-291-9 Hardcover $24.95
ISBN 0-87839-291-2 Trade Paper $14.95


Gus Ivy was restless, so he thought he’d “test” retirement by spending the winter in Phoenix. Endless rounds of golf only served to prove that there had to be more to his self-imposed idle time. By happenstance, Gus discovers an obscure Sagebrush western owned by his barber, and is excited to add it to his collection. Unfortunately, the sixty-year old Cavity Lake Gang has drawn the attention of a band of cutthroats who will stop at nothing to get their hands on Gus’s copy. Together with a mysterious woman from Montana, Gus and Cassidy set off on a quest that takes them to the Navajo Indian Nation in Northeast Arizona, and beyond. It’s a chilling race against both a deadline and a bunch of ruthless killers–a race to solve a puzzle embedded within the book; but the end game may prove to be too costly as multiple deaths and a kidnapping litter their trail.

Renowned authors praised Buried Lies:
“A great adventure story. Entertaining. Well done!”
Vince Flynn

“A thrill ride of a read that you’d be a fool to miss!”
William Kent Krueger

“A good old-fashioned treasure hunt. I liked it…a lot!”
Thomas Perry

“A fast-paced journey to the last, satisfying page.”
Alafair Burke