Blue Springs

A suspense novel

Published by North Star Press of St Cloud ISBN #0878392270 416 pages Released as hardcover at $24.95
This is Peter’s third book and second novel.

BLUE SPRINGS takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride to the world of 1955’s America; a world of prematurely ended dreams of personal grandeur, hearts broken by the demon of alcoholism, greed, and the unchangeable quality of integrity: all seen through the eyes of an eleven-year old child. This is a masterpiece of edge-of-your-seat fiction.

* Please note that a number of reviewers have suggested that BLUE SPRINGS easily crosses over to the young adult/teen market.

Early praise for BLUE SPRINGS:

“This book is nothing short of brilliant, and so full of suspense and surprise, that it is hard to put down. Blue Springs takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride to the world of 1955’s America. A fabulous mystery but more than that, a story of honesty, integrity, ,forgiveness, and the power of a friendship that bridges generations. Any reader will enjoy this fast-paced page turner!” —Round Table Reviews (Tracy Farnsworth)“In this wonderful read we meet a delightful young boy named Charlie and his dog Taffy. This is a real page turner! The characters are penned to perfection. This book has mystery, adventure, hatred, greed, and love. It is layered with conflict, spiced with loyalty, splattered with adventure, and ends with joy. Exceptional and worth every moment of your time.” —Book Review.Com (Shirley Johnson)

“Blue Springs is an entertaining and exhilarating mystery, with captivating, often charming, characters. A brilliant book! I strongly recommend it as a wonderful way to spend some well-earned leisure time.” —All Books Review (Nancy Morris)

“A great book! Truly enjoyed Blue Springs! It was a poignant read—with terrific characters that I admired greatly.” —Once Upon A Crime Bookstore (Pat Frovarp)

“On the heels of French Creek, Peter’s first novel, Blue Springs might be his best novel yet! It is truly wonderful–a joy to read! The writing is smooth, keeping good pace with little interruption. A warm story of family/friend relationships, yet an excellent mystery that terrifies the reader with tension at every turn. This really is an extraordinary novel in every way!” —Alice ‘n Ink (Alice Peppler)

“Blue Springs quickly snowballs into a fast paced, gripping story full of unexpected twists and turns. Plenty of well developed characters. Rennebohm still manages to skillfully keep the reader guessing about what will happen next–right down to the very last page. This story is a page turner that will leave the reader coming back for more and eagerly waiting for Peter’s next novel.” —Absolute Write (Brandy Y. Foster)

“Blue Springs is well-plotted; intertwining and exploring a network of thoughtful asides with poignant sensitivity. A wonderful mystery with a cast of offbeat, shady, and malicious characters. The story is engaging and will definitely hold the reader’s interest until the last page.” —Book Pleasures.Com (Norm Goldman) [Read Norm Goldman’s full review and interview with Peter.]

“Delightful! Blue Springs is more than a mystery–chock full of suspense, it’s a story of secrets, trust, and forgiveness. This tale delves into familial relationships and healing from the perspective of an eleven-year old boy. Peter Rennebohm has written a compassionate and heartwarming story that weaves through a compelling, tension-filled mystery. If you can’t resist a story about a boy and his dog, then you’ll love this read.” —Word Museum (Carolyn Smith)